Boston -
Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar


Primero y Quesadillas


blackened shrimp queso 12

bubbling hot asadero cheese, pan-blackened shrimp, roated poblanos & pico de gallo

13 ahi tuna tostada

pepita crusted ahi tuna on a crisp corn tortilla , spinach, avacado, watercress & chipotle 

lobster enchilada 16

ancho-orange glazed atlantic lobster, chipotle chile, fire-roasted corn & monterey jack cheese

 tres ceviches 15

Tuna: Ahi tuna, coconut, cilantio, jalapeno.

Mahi: citrus, onion, cilantro, bell pepper.

Scallop: lychee, cilantro, smoked tomatillo. 

sticky spare ribs 13

BBQ'd pork ribs, toasted cumin & corriander glazed, with sesame seeds and scallions

chimichangas 9

ground beef in crispy tortilla, grilled corn, cilantro, pepper jack cheese, chalula lime aioli


vertical nachos 11

monterey jack cheese, black beans, roasted corn, smoked bacon, guacamole, jalapeno & sour cream

[+chorizo 3] [+short rib 5] [+chicken 4}

grilled chorizo crostini 10

cured spanish chorizo on garlic crostini, pinapple jalapeno sweet relish


pork al pastor quesadilla 12

slow braised, pineapple pastor shredded pork fresh diced pineapple, mexican cheese blend


 ancho chile chicken quesadilla 11

pulled chicken, black beans, fire roasted  corn, applewood smoked bacon & blended mexican  cheese


spinach & poblano quesadilla 10

fresh spinach, roasted poblano chiles hand-shredded monterey jack cheese

            steak parilla quesadilla 13

garlic lime marinated skirt steak, ruby onion, oregano roasted tomato & monterey jack cheese





fire grilled salmon 23

fresh grilled atlantic salmon
spicy corn broth, corn & zucchini salsa

 garlic lime chicken 17

grilled marinated chicken breast, roasted corn
red onion salsa & matchstick potatos



carne asada 26

chargrilled garlic marinated skirt steak 
guacamole, salsa roja & charred jalapenos

                                             crispy carnitas 20

coriander seared carnitas, red chile potatoes
grilled corn & zucchini & chile roja sauce



pollo asado 18

deep marinated garlic roasted chicken, herbed potatoes, peppers, onions & habanero vinegar

spicy mojo tuna 24 

seared ahi tuna, sour orange-chile mojo, white sweet potato  mash & crispy polenta straws


mushroom empanada 16

roasted mushroom & huitlacoche cream sauce spicy dirty rice & grilled corn 

shrimp ajillo 25

seared jumbo shrimp, in chipotle garlic butter, avacado, watercress & baby spinach salad



Sopa y Ensalada


tortilla soup 8

roasted chicken broth, pulled chicken, avocado
crisp tortilla strips, green chiles & queso

 spicy caesar salad 9

chopped hearts of romaine, spicy caesar dressing, manchego cheese crisp & balsamic drizzle
[+ shrimp 5] [+ steak 6] [+ chicken 4]


spicy corn bisque 8

velvety roasted corn bisque,  ancho chile spices, crema, corn nuts & sliced scallions

 mexican chopped salad 10

chopped lettuce, onion, cucumber, corn, beans,
avocado, candied pecans & crispy tortilla strips
[+ shrimp 5] [+ steak 6] [+ chicken 4]



three flour tortillas


fried chicken 11

bacon, lettuce, tomato, corn & chorizo aioli

 slow cooked brisket 14

chile rubbed, pico de gallo, shot of gravy


crispy shredded pork 12

seared shredded carnitas, onion & cilantro

 blackened mahi mahi 15

cabbage slaw, chipotle crema, guacamolio, pepitas


garlic ribeye 15

marinated ribeye, horseradish crema, tabacco onions

shrimp playa 14 

chihuahua cheese, tomato & poblano sofrito


applewood bacon 10

tomatillo habanero chutney, cabbage & carrot slaw

 grilled veggie 11

spicy hummus, chayote, zucchini, roasted peppers





fresco or picante 9/10

fresh avocado, tomato, serrano, diced onion
chopped cilantro... say "PICANTE!" for SPICY

bacon 10 

thick diced applewood smoked bacon, adobo chile & rustic pico de gallo


especial 15

jumbo lump crab, atlantic lobster
garlic-wine butter drizzle

 I want it all 14 

sample all three specialty guacamoles:
picante, especial & bacon



6 each


roasted garlic & epazote black beans

BBQ spiced sweet potato fries

charred with chili flakes grilled scallions

chile dusted & cotija cheese zocalo corn

crispy mashed potato, bacon, avocado papa dulces

pan fried, spiced corn & taco seasoning dirty rice

chile oil, bacon & agave  spicy agave brussel sprouts

roasted garlic sauce iron pan corn bread

carmelized onions, cotija cheese cripsy spiced potatoes


we might add 18% gratuity to parties of 8 or more. we are supposed to tell you that thoroughly cooking meats, poultry, seafood,shellfish and eggs reduces your risk of getting sick. if you have an allergy or dietary condition, tell us before ordering. ask us for a gluten free menu if you'd like, we've got one.